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Business Analysis Training from New Horizons Bulgaria

According to a study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, Application Executive Council, "Improving business analyst proficiency can improve application performance by as much as 30%."

If an information technology project fails, it is often due to poor requirements definition and requirements Management, not bad management of schedule or costs. Consider the statistics:

  • 66% of software projects aren't expected to finish on time or on budget
  • Completed projects have only 52% of proposed functionality
  • 56% of project defects originate in the requirements phase of the project

Why Improve Communication between Stakeholders & Developers?

  • Execute better software development and other projects
  • Cut costs and delays
  • Gather complete and accurate project requirements
  • Create clear and concise business requirements documents
  • Manage effective use of resources
  • Improve the quality of the final product