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Business Analysis Trainer

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Zdravko Ivanov is a business analyst with more than 12 years of experience in the industry and with more than 7 years of experience in the field of corporate analysis and project management. He has achieved his main exprertise by working for companies in the field of finance, after which he decided to broaden his horizons by undertaking consulting different sized companies in a variety of spheres, including IT, finance, commerce, the public sector, hotel and leisure, healthcare, and others. He believes that every problem has a solution, as long as you reach its roots and that very often you’d find they extend beyond the boundaries of information technology. He has worked on the deployment of variety of projects – from mandatory project applications and transformation programs affecting important multiple domains. This enables him to have a broad view over the operation of different level businesses and organizations from various countries – something he considers to be one of his best assets.

Student feedback

„Exclusive lecturer! He maintains the audience's attention, transmits the information very well – an excellently articulated and gives relevant examples.“
Business analyst, DSK Bank
Training – BA04 - Eliciting and Writing Effective Requirements

„I enrolled in the training to learn new good practices to incorporate in my work. The most useful in my training were the examples of real situations. Zdravko Ivanov is a professional with great experience and very good skills to share.“
Team Lead, Fadata
Training – BA04 - Eliciting and Writing Effective Requirements

„What was most useful were the familiarization with methods of analysis and ways of communicating with stakeholders. The lecturer has excellent knowledge and answers to all the questions asked.“
Head of Unit, Fadata
Training – BA03 - Writing Effective Business Cases