UX/UI Design Training

UI design:

"UI" in UI design means "user interface." The user interface is the graphical layout of an application. It includes buttons, their shape, sliders, the text they read, images, videos, animations, color schemes, fonts, text entry fields, and all the other elements that the user interacts with.

The UI designers create the whole look of the application in the greatest detail. The goal is for the application interface to be attractive, easy to use and with all the possibilities of the interface to achieve the set business goals - to stimulate purchase, longer use of the application, aesthetic pleasure or something else.

UX design:

"UX" means "user experience", ie. how the user interacts with the application. The experience needs to be smooth and intuitive, instead of cumbersome and confusing.

UX design determines the specifics of navigation in the application and its logic, the work with the application to be as intuitive as possible and close to the user's expectations.

UX designers are responsible for how the application's interface is consistent with its functionality. While UI designers visually create the interface, UX designers how the interface works - what its functionality is and how the visual interface communicates properly with the user.

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