Microsoft® Excel 2016/2019 & Excel 365

Test your knowledge on Excel 2016/2019 and Excel 365!

Are you an Excel novice or expert? Take our quick assessment to check your knowledge of the key features of Microsoft® Excel!

The assessment is based on the Microsoft® Excel 2016/2019 training course, delivered by New Horizons Bulgaria. It will highlight the knowledge areas you are good at, and point out the ones you need to dive in deeper in order to master the software.

Important notice: The test questions are for self-assessment purpose only, and are not aimed at preparing you for a certification exam. Some questions have more than 1 correct answer, such answer options are presented in the form of squares. Questions that have only 1 correct answer are presented in the form of circles.

The assessment test consists of 45 questions and can only be taken once, so we advise you to get comfortable and make sure you can focus without interruption for the next 30-50 minutes.

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