Online LIVE®

Online LIVE® (OLL)

Online LIVE® training combines the best of traditional and online training – the flexibility and effective communication with other participants and the teacher.

Each physical room in New Horizons Bulgaria is associated with a corresponding virtual classroom. Depending on the topic, many courses can be conducted in a hybrid format – i.e. the students themselves can choose whether they want to use the virtual classroom or attend an on-site training center.

We would recommend using the Online LIVE® classroom for distance learning.

Complex Learning Environment

The virtual training platform Online LIVE® is easy to use and has basic technical requirements.

The purpose of the platform is to offer you comfortable and flexible access to trainings led in the New Horizons training center. We are providing you with access to an Online LIVE® training lab, which you can access both after the daily sessions and after completing the course in order to solidify as much as possible the skills you have learned in each training.

Same content, labs, and instructor
What Are The Benefits Of The Online LIVE® Training?
  • Allows access to the classroom from a convenient location;
  • You can access your class from any device;
  • Provides ability to ask questions to the lecturer who will receive an answer immediately;
  • Has a variety of interactive tools to ensure the effectiveness of the exercises and communication in the course;
  • Ability to review a recorded training session for a period of 6 months after the course;
  • You can easily receive training materials such as PowerPoint presentations, documents, video, white board examples, animations, and others;
  • Work on exercises and laboratories even after daily sessions (for most courses – access duration is 6 months after training);
  • The training includes all necessary teaching materials and laboratory exercises;
  • Virtual classroom training is accredited, just as our traditional training.

Впечатленията на курсисти от виртуалните курсове

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