Learning Methods

New Horizons Bulgaria Learning Methods

Our Training Approach Saves You Money and Time

Are you looking to add new technical skills? Are you a corporate trainer or manager who wants to broaden your employees’ knowledge? New Horizons Bulgaria’s integrated learning solution provides you with the efficient and cost effective training you need.

How Integrated Learning Approach Works For You

New Horizons Bulgaria’s integrated learning takes you and your employees through the entire learning cycle, creating a memorable training solution. In addition to a great student experience, if you are a manager, partnering with New Horizons Bulgaria will help you direct training in line with your business objectives.

The integrated learning approach’s five components – Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support, and Validate

Assess – Find Out Why You Need Training

Whether you want to obtain a certification or improve your job skills, the integrated learning approach’s assess portion will help you learn why you need training. This step helps both students and managers identify not only what skills to learn, but at what level. Tailoring your ideal solution will help you and your company save time and money.

Account Executives at New Horizons Bulgaria can help you with this process right now! Call +359 885 666 815 or email office@newhorizons.bg to find your solutions today.

Learn – Pick Your Training Method

New Horizons Bulgaria understands that students learn in different ways. The integrated learning approach allows you to choose a learning style that fits you best. New Horizons Bulgaria can meet your business or individual training needs through the following methods:

At New Horizons Bulgaria, our training methods allow you to control training schedules, content, and pace, whether for yourself or your employees.

Reinforce – Retain Your New Skills

As part of New Horizon Bulgaria’s integrated learning approach, you will receive the tools you need to retain the course material. These include:
  • Hands-on labs
  • Reference Materials
  • Practice Exams
  • Learning Guides
  • eCourseware
  • Exam Preparation

Support After Class Ends

Beyond the reinforcement tools provided in class, New Horizons Bulgaria will also support you with the following resources:
  • Ongoing Account Executive Consultations
  • New Horizons Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Technical Help Desk Support
  • Training Administration

Validate Skills

The validate step in the integrated learning approach will allow you or your corporate training manager to identify the skills you learned, additional areas to master, and the value of your new knowledge to you and your company.

New Horizons Bulgaria accomplishes this through:
  • Course evaluations
  • Certification exams
  • Post-class assessments
  • Surveys