Metodi Mladenov

Business Analysis Trainer

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Metodi Mladenov has more than 10 years of experience in the field of business analysis.. Having obtained his Master's degree in Business Analysis in Sweden, Metodi has worked as a business analyst in various IT and telecommunication projects in Bulgaria as well as abroad. He has participated in all stages of business analysis process and has successfully implemented various techniques.

Metodi is an excellent instructor – in their feedback, our students rate him at 8.75 out of 9 (whereas the average grade for Europe is 8.56). In his trainings, he gives many practical examples and leads discussions that are beneficial to the students with respect to applying their knowledge into their work process.

What our students say about him:

„The reason I joined the training was to prepare for a software update. I am very pleased with the training. The practical part was extremely well presented. There were no unclear questions. I would attend more trainings led by him.“
Business analyst, Escom Bulgaria, Strategic Business Analysis

„I enrolled in the training to gain new knowledge. Everything was organized perfectly. My evaluation for the instructor is 9 out of 9. The subject matter was expertly presented.“
Project Coordinator, DSK Bank

„The practical examples, Business Case structure, RACI matrix – they were of great benefit. A very pleasant and enjoyable course.“
Business Development Expert, DSK Bank – Writing Effective Business Cases

„My overall impression of the course is excellent. Methodi Mladenov shared many practical examples and this was very valuable.“
Consultant, David Holding – Business Analysis Essentials