BA10 - Understanding Root Cause Analysis

In this course, participants will learn to apply several practical, systematic methods for analyzing incidents and problems to uncover root causes. Understanding of these techniques will be reinforced by classroom exercises.

This course may earn a Credly Badge.

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Learning Objectives

Learn how to initiate a root cause analysis and gather data for investigating process and non-process incidents

  • Demonstrate how to collect data through interviews and analysis
  • Apply powerful techniques to identify and know the difference between symptoms and root causes
  • Learn to know when to use the appropriate technique in root cause identification
  • Learn how to avoid future incidents by developing appropriate recommendations to address causal factors and root causes
  • Develop a process to identify systemic problem areas


    Course Details

    Course Outline

    1 - Introduction & Objectives
  • What is a "Problem?"
  • Why Problems Persist
  • What is A Root Cause?
  • Why Root Causes are important
  • 2 - How to Organize for an RCA
  • RCA Roles and Responsibilities
  • Assemble your RCA Team
  • Modes of Communication
  • How to Resolve Conflict
  • Case Study Exercise
  • 3 - Select the Problem to Analyze
  • Define the selection criteria
  • Plan and estimate tasks for the team
  • Finalize the plan and gain agreement among your stakeholders
  • Case Study Exercise
  • 4 - Define the Problem
  • What to look for - Problem-as-Given (PAG) vs. Problem-as-Understood (PAU)
  • Developing your problem statement
  • Refining the problem specification
  • Case Study Exercise
  • 5 - Identify the Source of the Problem
  • Discuss when to use the appropriate analysis technique to determine the problem source
  • Process Diagram
  • Forms & Checklists
  • Statistical Sampling
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Surveys
  • Charts - Line, Scatter, Bar, & Pie
  • Case Study Exercise
  • 6 - Solution Options Analysis & Selecting the "Best Fit"
  • How to approach different solution options
  • Brainstorming
  • Weighted Evaluation
  • Selecting the appropriate option
  • Hold an Retrospective on your approach
  • Planning the proposal
  • Case Study Exercise
  • 7 - Putting RCA into Practice
  • Create a Root Cause Analysis program within your organization
  • How to develop appropriate recommendations to address root causes at various levels to avoid future incidents
  • Actual course outline may vary depending on offering center. Contact your sales representative for more information.

    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    Executives, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business and IT stakeholders working with analysts, Quality and process engineers, technicians, corrective action coordinators or managers; supervisors, team leaders, and process operators; anyone who wants to improve their ability to solve recurring problems.


    Other Prerequisites

    This course is aimed at people who are practicing Business Analysts or who have had previous Business Analysis training. It is recommended that participants complete the BA01 – Business Analysis Essentials course prior to enrolling or have equivalent experience.

    BA10 - Understanding Root Cause Analysis

    Course Length : 2 Days

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