Hristine Dikidzhiyan

Microsoft® Office Instructor

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Hristine Dikidzhiyan is an in-house Microsoft® Office instructor at New Horizons Bulgaria. She has graduated from the Technical University of Sofia.

She is a very passionate user of all office applications, especially Excel, and you will have a great experience during the learning sessions lеd by her. Hristine has very good instructor and communication skills and creates a comfortable environment during the trainings. She is an analytical thinker and always likes to be challenged by interesting questions from the students.

She also has experience in Customer service, Photoshop, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

What our students say about her:

„Excellent level of teaching. Information synthesis according to individual needs. Notably practial scope of training.“

„Very good instructor with an excellent knowledge. I would recommend New Horizons to anyone interested in Microsoft® Office training.“
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